Company Introduction

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. has done substantial research & development for many years. This innovative and advanced scientific bio-technology in lndoor recirculation aquaculture, has not only simply to help the aquaculture business to avoid the affections of weather & climate changes, the air & water pollution, but also the prevention of infection disease & sickness, and solve the problem of unstable productivity commonly founded in conventional outdoor fish farming, cage culture, etc.

Hi-Q (ERAT) technology has been proven to enhance the foster rate and the growth rate of intensive fish farming significantly. Hi-Q has substantial investment in R&D recently, focusing in Tiger Grouper, Red Grouper, Giant Grouper, species of marine food fish with strong market demand & remarkable commercial value.

The Development of Hi-Q 

Hi-Q’s has utilized the “ERAT” Technology in self-developed, patented, Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture System (ERAS) in Land-based Intensive Recirculation Aquaculture for over 20 years. Hi-Q is a re-known No.1 Application Service Provider (ASP) in providing Hi-Q Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture System, Turnkey Solution, and Consultancy & Management Services, specializing in biotechnology fish farming of high economic value marine species – tiger grouper and red grouper.

Hi-Q has established a well successfully biotechnology fish farming foundation and business operation of Hi-Q (ERAS) system in Malaysia, Brunei, and China where the recirculation aquaculture project are join-venture business, we provide technology co-operation with state government and private enterprise. With these successful achievements, Hi-Q has become a World Leading Company in Indoor Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture Technology of Marine Groupers. In addition, this advanced technology has also been applied in the Inland & Indoor Marine Fishing Recreation center. To provide the consumers in the inland area to enjoy an Unique and Joyful marine fishing and high quality seafoods.

Mission Statement

The State-of-the-art technology, invention and application of Hi-Q (ERAT) Technology has transformed Hi-Q from a Taiwan (Hi-Tech) marine biotech company to foster and develop (Hi-Quality and High-Value) food fish, to developing a ocean technology business in other consumer products, and to create (Hi-ROI) for investors, to share the nature world of (Harmony), to promote (Healthy & Happiness) for people as our nature of business.