(一) Green and environmental protection:
Hi-Q Long-term commitment to "green farming" and the pursuit of "natural and healthy" as the goal of the enterprise, in the "green farming techniques," R & D, design "changing the water free indoor circulatory system.
This goal are so present and future abnormal weather deteriorated, depletion of marine resources under pressure from overfishing, for the benefit of marine environmental protection, promote traditional farming, capture fisheries, to biotechnology intellectual knowledge economy, and as a long-term business development strategy .

Hi-Q's "Free water changes indoor circulatory system" to achieve environmental protection considerations:
‧No longer aquaculture wastewater discharge does not cause environmental problems.。
‧Do not have a lot of extraction of groundwater, completely solve the problem of land subsidence.
‧Avoid weather factors interfere, even typhoons, air mass strikes will not affect the breeding results.
‧Enhance the breeding of quality, quantity, slowing depletion of marine resources from over-exploitation pressure.
Green environmental protection, water quality, ecological balance "green culture."
1. Year from weather and geography influence and even change the production season to raise prices and increase revenues.
2. Free exchange of water to avoid changing the water or reduce the impact of water pollution.
3. Closed system can effectively prevent foreign bacteria, avoid the use of antibiotics.
4. Breeding density, high production value, and save land resources.
5. High survival rate, to develop traditional culture was more than five times.
6. Indoor temperature and ecological stability, fish growth rate faster than the outdoor fish pond.
7. Avoid depletion of marine resources, destruction of coral reefs, fishing overfishing.
8. Breaking the traditional farming to avoid subsidence, salinization of land, waste water.
9. Insisted on the use of chemicals.
10. Sterilization equipment is not used, shift to biologics delivery, to maintain bacteria-state balance.
11. Changing the water consumption is low, the heating costs are low, the motor power consumption naturally low.
12."Green farming" and the pursuit of "natural and healthy" as the goal.
13. Simulated marine self-purification, the establishment of ecological water "sea ranching" capacity "modular" production management "plant standardization," working "internationalization."
(二)Health and Safety:
Hi-Q 2008 establishing marine health products division, specializes in the field of marine biotechnology sources of bio-algae, and microbial research, and actively with the Council of Agriculture Fisheries Research industry-university cooperation, since the national academic institutions exclusive technology licensing, the Research and Development "small molecule Taiwan Oligo Fucoidan Fucoidan "ocean health products, to enhance human health and preventive medicine, beauty care field to contribute. "Fucoidan Fucoidan" is the 21st century, new discoveries ocean, ocean treasure, the humans have great health benefits. In fact, in the United States Library library Pubmed medical papers accumulated Pat global scientific papers beyond 950.

Hi-Q and domestic and foreign "industry, government, academia, medicine, research," the industry, the development of biotechnology "Taiwan Fucoidan," Taiwan's extensive use of marine resources and the national system of industry-university cooperation excellent resource to study human health and the preventive medicine, the field of beauty and health care use, bringing the future of mankind "natural and healthy" quality of life.

Hi-QLine business philosophy, the pursuit of "natural and healthy" in the operation and development of health products sector, the same emphasis on scientific evidence, research and development "Fucoidan" products and production quality control processes of health and safety, and raw materials for the manufacturing process, are "Healthy, health and safety" as business philosophy.
Hi-Q produced the "algal oligosaccharides - small molecule Taiwan Oligo Fucoidan Fucoidan" products, the national academic institutions in cell and animal experiments, there is scientific evidence base, and published international papers. Hi-Q "Fucoidan" products produced by the CGMP / GMP manufacturing plant for raw materials and manufacturing process, strict quality control processes, each batch produced public health and safety are carefully checks.
(三)Social welfare: social welfare (corporate social responsibility)
In recent years, the so-called "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) research and development have become commonplace. However, foreign enterprises are also pondering how we can contribute to society in corporate power, so many vulnerable persons, to get positive energy assistance. Especially in the world into a period of economic recession, if not thinking about other ways disadvantaged, to rely on corporate donations is tantamount to asking for the impossible.

Corporate profits from community support, Hi-Q Marine Biotech China fully realize corporate "social responsibility", we recognize to: Compared to the real long dedication to disadvantaged social workers, volunteers, can only say we have done as the "social responsibility." Hi-Q has over the years been involved in CSR activities include:

1、Taiwan barrier to global dust storms.(喜馬拉雅自然文明保護協會)
2、Give autistic children the opportunity to become self-reliant.(台北市自閉症家長協會附設小貝殼工作坊)
3、Friends of Grace Christian Center to help the poor and sick families.(基督教恩友中心)
4、Humane care for stray animals.(中華民國流浪動物花園協會)