2013.09.18 Hi-Q Marine Biotech wins the honor of 2013 Taipei Biotech Awards
 Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. is the winner of Bronze Medal Award of the “Biotechnology Commercialization Award” at the 2013 Taipei Biotech Awards. 

The Taipei Biotech Awards is known as the Oscars of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry, and the annual award is in its eleventh year in running.

Hi-Q Marine Biotech has launched the natural health supplement product -“Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan”since 2009 in Taiwan and now the products are well known and being distributed and export to Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau, S.E. Asian Countries and USA. 

The authorized unique biotechnology of“Low Molecular Fucoidan Extraction Technology” that contribute an outstanding, the Best Fucoidan for everyone extracted from natural brown seaweed; this is a successful industry-academics collaboration project since 2007 in between Hi-Q Marine Biotech and the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), under the Council of Agricultural (COA) Executive Yuan, a government agency in Taiwan.

Thus this is a great foundation for Hi-Q to further support in R&D with Professional & Professors (PhD), M.D. in human clinical trials, particular in the field of food science , biotechnology & medicine, and medical; these given “Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan” an advantage winning edge to run product quality & effective improvement, and the operation of successful domestic and international marketing campaign. 

The Taipei Biotech Awards was founded to promote the growth of innovative new biotech products in Taiwan. So far, the award has handed out a total of NT$54m in cash prizes.