Hi-Q’s has utilized the “ERAT” Technology in self-developed, patented, Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture System (ERAS) in Land-based Intensive Recirculation Aquaculture for over 20 years. Hi-Q is a re-known No.1 Application Service Provider (ASP) in providing Hi-Q Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture System, Turnkey Solution, and Consultancy & Management Services, specializing in biotechnology fish farming of high economic value marine species – tiger grouper and red grouper.

Hi-Q has established a well successfully biotechnology fish farming foundation and business operation of Hi-Q (ERAS) system in Malaysia, Brunei, and China where the recirculation aquaculture project are join-venture business, we provide technology co-operation with state government and private enterprise. With these successful achievements, Hi-Q has become a World Leading Company in Indoor Ecological Recirculation Aquaculture Technology of Marine Groupers. In addition, this advanced technology has also been applied in the Inland & Indoor Marine Fishing Recreation center. To provide the consumers in the inland area to enjoy an Unique and Joyful marine fishing and high quality seafoods.


  Healthy Food

Hi-Q Marine Biotech Co., Ltd., was established in 1998, a professional biotech company emphasising in pursuing the goal of “ Nature Protection and Health Promotion”

Hi-Q’s R&D team has found that adding brown algae into the breeding baits formula is very important to groupers’ immune systems. Due to this discovery, Hi-Q has been devoted to the R&D of Taiwan’s brown algae since 2007 and has been cooperating with the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) of the Council of Agriculture (COA) in the Industry-Academia collaboration Project to successfully extract Taiwan’s Small Molecule Fucoidan. With these efforts, Hi-Q started to branch out into the field of human health products.


 Fucoidan For Pets

After the cooperation with the Fisheries Research Institute(FRI) of the Council of Agriculture (COA) in the Industry-Academic Collaboration Projects for many years, Hi-Q Marine Biotech has created a good reputation and credibility in health food supplement. As times goes by, house pets have become the new members of modern families. Refinement of human diet in changing times, pet diseases are also increasing in modern era. Disinfectants and insecticides in their living environment, residues of pesticide, pollution in pet food and drinking water, and other external environmental factors have also makes pet increasingly vulnerable to the threat of cancer.
This technology is also applied to Fucoidan for pets both dogs & cats; this also strengthen the pets’physiological mechanisms. Hi-Q Marine Biotech has also collaborated with professional veterinary in clinical trial and observations: it has been proven that small molecule Fucoidan can improve pets’ health condition in many aspects; this help to maintain your pets in an optimal health status every day.


Beauty & Skin Care

Hi-Q is a leading enterprise in the field of biotechnology recognized by the Taiwanese government with its outstanding sponsor and support in promoting marine biotech and Taiwan’s Fucoidan. Over the past 15 years, Hi-Q has been committed to developing natural and healthy marine biotech products as its central business philosophy. Our product range includes agricultural biotech products, health supplement and skin care products, and medical beauty products.
With its leading state-of-the-art low molecular extraction technology in developing Oligo Fucoidan as natural health supplement product, Hi-Q has also developed a novel cosmetics, natural skin care, medical beauty product line, FucoBeauty@ ( for anti-aging & skin care ), which has been developed by our health product department by employing a globally unique low molecular extraction technique, greatly increases the effectiveness of medical cosmetic products to deliver instant anti-aging effects.